Fanime 2016

Hello Fanime staff! Here is a list of things I will be selling at the con.

Indie Comics



Horizon Mini- This is a short story I did about a defeated villain trying to find rest in the afterlife. Here are some of the interior pages!



The Dead- a graphic novel I drew with writer James Maddox. You can check out pages here if you want!


Sketchbook ashcans

umicorms-2015_400w photo-1-(1)_original photo-2-(1)_original


I’ll have sketchbooks from 2015 and (I haven’t made it yet) 2016. The sketchbooks are about 30 pages long.



I will also be doing con sketches, with the content left up to the buyer’s discretion. Here are some examples of 2013 Fanime commissions, as well as some commissions I did at other conventions this year.

photo-2-(3) photo-1-(3) IMG_0336 IMG_0323



I’ll have a handful of prints on sale, at either 8.5×11 or 11×17.

fanime_jenhickman_sample01 gotham_sirensfanime_jenhickman_sample03link-da_original


Please contact me (the.jenhickman at gmail) if you need to see more of anything or if you have any questions!