The Graveyard

Here are some old comics that I’ve done. Some are really, REALLY ancient. Seriously.



“Ice”, webcomic, 2002-2005
161 pages

I started a webcomic when I was 15 because all the cool kids were doing it. The story is based on the Snow Queen fairy tale, but basically I ignored/messed up a lot of the cool bits of the story and made some pretty shallow characters. Also there was a lot of cheesy stuff that I didn’t realize was cheesy because I wrote it when I was 15. HOWEVER, I persevered and learned a lot from making Ice. (like, how stories really do need endings, no matter how cool ‘Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels’ was.) There are some cute bits (around page 100 it gets decent), but basically go read it if you want some ammo with which you can mock me mercilessly.

“Night”, BAAU Entry, 2005
11 pages

Oh existential high-school me…If I had my way no one would ever know I made this, but it’s in print so I might as well own up. Please remember that I was 15 and didn’t understand what a plot was, which you probably figured out if you read Ice.