Fanime 2014

Hello Fanime staff! Here is a list of things I will be selling at the con.

Indie Comics

Playlist Anthology


200 page music-based comic book anthology. All original work. I have a 15 page story in it. I ran this project on Kickstarter! I will come prepared with permission from the other 19 artists to sell the book 🙂


Game Over Anthology


148 page themed comic book anthology, with an 8-page story by me in it. All original work. The artist list is basically the same as Playlist. I will come with permission from them for this too.


 A personal sketchbook ashcan


The image here is examples from the interiors. It’s about ~24 pages, black and white.



I will also be doing quick little con sketches, with the content left up to the buyer’s discretion. Here are some examples of last year’s Fanime commissions!

IMG_0312 IMG_0318

IMG_0336 IMG_0323



I’ll have a handful of prints on sale, at either 8.5×11 or 11×17.

fanime_jenhickman_sample01 gotham_sirensfanime_jenhickman_sample03

Menswear, for the Gallery of Fashion Art 

Please contact me if you need to see more of anything or if you have any questions!